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IDS JDBC Driver is the best Type-3 JDBC driver in the market, packed with features essential to today's database centric Java applets, servlets, Web Start and stand-alone applications.

Pure Java
A 100% pure Java implementation driver, guarantees the "write once, run anywhere" promise of Java. No client-side configuration required. Runs in all Java enabled browsers, Java Plug-in and JDK, plus all your favorite Java development tools.

Fast and Compact
A high performance JDBC driver only 51K to 78K in JAR size (Lite version) and just 102K to 131K with SSL encryption.

JDBC 3.0 Support
Supported JDBC 3.0 features include: batch update, scrollable and updatable ResultSet, Blob/Clob data types for Oracle and SQL Server, connection and statement pooled DataSource and XADataSource, save-point, parameter meta-data, set parameters by name, auto-generated keys, cursor holdability.

Heterogeneous Database Access
A single IDS JDBC Driver can connect to multiple heterogeneous databases at the same time: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL Server, OLE DB, MS Access, ODBC, FoxPro, dBase, DB2, Ingres, mSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Yard-SQL, etc.

Secure dbAccess (formerly known as Secure JDBC)
An advance security feature that uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt the connections between the driver and the server to protect all database transactions. The Secure JDBC SSL implementation is built on open source encryption library SSLeay and OpenSSL.

Complete Firewall Access Support
Both server-side and client-side firewall access are possible with features like IDS Server Proxy, HTTPS and SOCKS proxy connection, and HTTP Tunneling.

ResultSet Caching
A performance enhancement of IDS JDBC Driver that uses a Java thread to continuously fetch query results from the IDS Server in the background, while allowing JDBC applications in the foreground to perform other task. ResultSet Caching significantly improves the responsiveness of programs running large resultsets or on low bandwidth connections.

Multi-Language Support
Running with JDK 1.1 or higher Java VM, IDS JDBC Driver offers transparent Unicode support for databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and ODBC 3.5 data sources.  It also allows the JDBC program to specify explicitly a Character Set Converter so that text data is automatically converted between different single-byte and multi-byte character endcoding.  All languages supported by Java are support by this driver with very little programming effort.

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